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Roku launches top streaming device models with outstanding features. Activate and execute the Activation setup to stream and watch the top program collections. Create a Roku account and use the activation code to link the streaming device. Prepare your device, execute the guided setup fro Roku problems and connect your device to the network for channel activation. Suggest the users to identify the type of device errors and troubleshoot it using the available troubleshooting Roku problem guide. Roku customers can get the assistance for Roku activation and support by ringing the Roku support number +1-844-605-0330. It is our vision to offer the best support to all our customers for activation support, Roku activation issue.

What Support Do We Offer to Our Customers?

Activation & Guidance

Activate your Roku streaming device. Guidance to create a new account for your device can be availed at support. Check if your account is valid or active.

Channels List

Provide the list of latest channels to stream your favorite programs. Help our customers to activate and add their favorite channels to Roku account (Both free and paid channels)

Latest Models

We offer free service if your device is under warranty period. Give you an update on the latest models of Roku like Roku Ultra (, Roku Streaming Stick , Roku TV that are available in the market.

Roku Customer Support

Roku Activation Support

The Roku activation process is simple if you look into it. Connect your streaming device to the Roku TV using the HDMI cable and use the power cable to power up the device. Turn on and wait until the Roku logo appears. Complete the activation setup and establish a good speed network connection. Choose the option “wireless” and go forward with the setup guide. Download the compatible software and go forward with the onscreen guide. Refer the troubleshooting guide to resolve the errors. Execute the Roku activation; Get the guidance using Roku support number.

Roku Customer Support Phone Number – +1-844-605-0330

We have a team who are certified to offer the required support for Roku device activation and setup, troubleshooting the device activation errors, resolving the different error codes, to avoid the internet connectivity issues, guidelines for Roku account creation, linking the device using the page, to overcome the channel activation errors, adding or removing your favorite channels, help to find out the best streaming device model and a lot more. Quality and on time support is the secret behind our success. Start dialing the Roku customer support phone number and your call will be transferred to our support executives. Your feed backs and suggestions are always important to us

Roku Setup & Troubleshooting | Roku Support

Roku Activation Errors are common if you activate and setup any Roku streaming device. Troubleshoot the Roku problems  if you come across any. Most of the errors will resolve if you restart your device once. Network errors will not arise if you use valid credentials (username and password). Make sure that you connect all the cables in the respective slot.  Always use the valid code for Roku activation. Complete the Activation and start streaming.

If you have any queries or if you require more guidance and Roku support, ring the Roku support number +1-844-605-0330.

To Resolve Roku Activation Code Errors

Roku activation code is used to activate and link the streaming device to Roku account. Sometimes you may come across Roku activation code errors, where the code gets stuck on the screen.

Device Activation Errors

We assist our customers to resolve their device activation errors and check the Roku account credentials. If the existing account and the credentials are not working, Call our Roku support number and we will guide you to create a new account or change the credentials of existing account.

What Roku Problems Can we solve? (We can identify and fix your issues immediately)

  • Resolve Internet connection issues on your router
  • Roku activation code issues (Unable to find the activation code)
  • Troubleshoot Roku remote issues and replace the old remote (unable to pair the Roku remote to Roku TV)
  • Troubleshoot different Roku error codes to solve Roku problems
  • Roku device software issues (Unable to update the software)
  • The device gets stuck
  • Wireless or wired setup errors
  • Complete the guided Roku setup process (Display and language settings)

Solve Roku Problems


To Activate and Add the Channels on Roku

Roku Channels

Some channels on Roku are free and some are paid. We assist you in Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, pbskids org activate processes.

Channel Activation Steps

You should have a Roku account in order to activate your favorite channels on the Roku streaming player

Channel Subscription

All you need to do is, activate the channels that you’d love to watch. Remember that a TV provider account plays a vital role in the Roku channel subscription.

System Update

If the added channel is not visible on your screen, perform a quick system update or restart your device

Network Issues or Internet Connection Issues

Network issues are common when you stream your Roku device. Error code 014 occurs stating that the streaming device is unable to get connected to the network. If you contact us, we will provide you with the best tips to check the Internet connection status.

  • We suggest checking the credentials of a wireless network (username and password)
  • Print a test page to check the network settings
  • Tell our customers to perform a quick restart (Streaming device and the Router). To restart the device you can go to Settings >System > System Restart

Channel Activation Errors on Roku

We will identify the reason for the issue. If it is minor we will execute the available troubleshooting tips. If not we will deactivate the channel and activate it from the beginning.

To overcome Roku remote issues

  • We always suggest using the pairing button at the back of your remote for at least 5 seconds.
  • If the errors still persist, we will try to replace a new remote.

Tips to Overcome Streaming and Buffering Issues on Roku

If you come across buffering or streaming Issues, we will let you know how to check the internet connection speed. Roku streaming devices require minimum internet connection speed of 3.0 Mbps for standard definition content and 9.0 Mbps for HD content.

Roku Com Link

To Activate and Link Your Roku Streaming Device

In order to activate and link your Roku streaming device, there are two essential requirements. The first is your Roku account and the second one is the Roku link code that you obtain from your TV. Account creation is a three-step process and requires information such as your email ID and other payment related information. Whereas, activation involves retrieving the Roku link code from your streaming device first and then use it on the Once you complete this simple Roku activation process, you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of entertainment on your Roku.

roku activation

Roku Device Software Issues (Unable to update the device software)

Software Update

Roku streaming device will automatically download and update the software once connected to the internet.

Internet Connection

If the software update does not occur on your device, we recommend you to check the internet connection.

Roku Support

Go to our Roku webpage and note down the Roku Support Number. Just give us a call to get immediate support.

Roku HDCP Errors – HDCP is the standard to prevent copying of videos and contents streaming on Roku. If the HDCP error occurs, a purple screen will be visible. As soon as you view the screen, contact us and resolve it to enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

You can replace the HDMI cable and use a cable that fits the HDMI port of the streaming device and the Roku TV. We always prefer Premium HDMI cables for all our customers as it can provide you with the good quality output.

Catalog to Avoid Roku Errors

  • Error codes are common if you activate and stream any Roku device. Each error denotes a different issue and code 003,009,011,014 and few more are the common code that appears on your screen.
  • Network errors can be avoided using the valid network credentials and software errors will resolve if you update your device with the latest software version.
  • To avoid the Activation errors check and verify the activation steps once.

Use our webpage for more guidance. We offer the best support for Roku activation and troubleshooting. Dial the Roku support number to get more updates @ +1-844-605-0330.

Roku error codes

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