Different Types Of Roku Remote and It’s Features

Different Types Of Roku Remote and It’s Features

by Evan Luke July 10, 2018

Roku Remote To Make Your Selections

Roku introduces the latest and best streaming device models in the market today that have outstanding features.   The Roku remote is used to pair the streaming device to Roku TV. As soon as you power on the device, you can view a welcome screen.

There are different models of Roku remotes and the advanced universal remote can be used with any streaming device model.

Roku Remote

Roku Remote

Some remotes have a pairing button. The device will pair with Roku remote when you press and hold the pairing button for three to four seconds.

Types of Roku Remote

There are three types of remote and you can use it with different models of Roku streaming devices:

  • Standard IR remote
  • Enhanced Point to anywhere remote
  • Roku universal Remote

Let us learn more about the features of different models of Roku remote.

Roku standard IR Remote

  • Roku standard IR remote is compatible to use with streaming device models (3500 RW,3400 R, 3400 M and 3420 H)
  • The channel shortcut buttons available help to make your selection easily
  • Power and volume buttons to power on your streaming device and adjust the volume
  • Use the voice search option to search using your voice and make other selections as well

Enhanced Point to anywhere Remote

  • Due to their advanced voice search feature, these remotes facilitate selections using your Voice.
  • Game lovers can use the A and B gaming buttons to play their favorite games
  • Finally, use the headphone jack for private listening and you will definitely have a good time listening to your favorite tunes

Roku Universal Remotes

Roku Universal Remotes can be used with any streaming device. The color touch screen of the device can be used to make your selection easily.

  • You can control your streaming device even from  closed rooms
  • It is not necessary that you must point the remote straight to your TV because of the remote’s universal capabilities

Roku Remote App

The Roku remote app can be used to control the streaming devices. The app is freely available on both the Android and ios platforms. With its help, you can easily navigate through the player to make the required selections. You will find the app for download in the app store.

A few resolutions for Roku remote issues

  • In the event that you find any issues or if your Roku remote is not working, download the Roku remote app and turn your mobile device into the control center
  • To get the app, visit the app store and search for the app that is compatible to use with your mobile device
  • Replace the remote with a new one
  • Check properly for battery insertions
  • Try pairing your remote once again
  • Restart all your devices and check if the remote issues still persist.

Users who want to know more about the types of Roku remote and the features of the Remote can read the reviews available on our webpage https://www.roku-support-number.com/. Ring the toll-free lines +1-844-605-0330 to get more updates.


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