How to Setup Roku Streaming Stick –

How to Setup Roku Streaming Stick –

by Amy catherine November 15, 2018

Roku Streaming Stick and it’s Amazing Features –

There are two variants of Roku Sticks that you can find on the market, both catering to your Roku streaming needs. The Roku Streaming Stick Plus is the 4K compatible device that is compact and efficient. There are several other features in relation to device which you must be aware of.

Features of

Features of

Here are the some features of Roku streaming stick,

  • Unlike their predecessors, these devices can play both 4K and HDR videos and hence support the corresponding Roku channels
  • They are easily portable as they resemble a thumb drive and can connect to any power source
  • These are wireless devices and therefore do not require any additional cable for establishing a network connection
  • If you are residing in a dorm or a hotel, you’ll still be able to use this Roku streaming Stick 4K to play videos
  • Moreover, the device also has a Wi Fi amplifier which enabled it to receive signals from far away
  • This means that you can connect your Streaming Stick in a bedroom, while the router is in the living room
  • Shortcut keys for Netflix, Yupp TV, Rakuten TV and Red Bull TV the device is accompanied by a standard remote
  • If you like to experience other high-end features of Roku, simply install the Roku app on your mobile
  • Some features that you can expect additionally include private listening and voice-enabled search

Where to Purchase?

Although, available with multiple online retail brands, you can always buy the Roku Streaming Stick at Walmart. This way, you can have a look and feel of the physical device before purchasing it. Go through the specifications in detail, and also check its compatibility with your television set before purchasing.

Roku Stick Channels

If you have an old gen Roku Streaming Stick, then you may be restricted access to a few Roku Stick Channels. The exceptions are majorly 4K and HDR channels, apart from which you must be able to access all other channels. Some genres that you can explore include games, lifestyle, news and weather, movies, fitness and sports.

If you want to explore more wider options, then you can always use the casting or mirroring feature. Both these features allow Roku users to view local videos from their hand-held device on a bigger screen. To know more about these latest features, you must visit our website right away at

Setup the Roku Streaming Stick

Activate Roku Streaming Stick

Activate Roku Streaming Stick

  • It is the same as in for any other Roku device and the main difference is actually in the initial Roku Setup process.
  • Roku account is a prerequisite for setup.
  • For the activation, you must connect to internet, Get Roku Link Code and finally submit for successful completion.

If you need any more info on the Roku Streaming Stick setup and activation, give us a call at our toll-free number at +1-844-605-0330.

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