Simple Steps To Activate the Roku Devices on support

Roku Streaming Device – A Savior For Entertainment Buffs

Roku might be one among the thousands of streaming players available in the market, but the unique features and specifications make it stand out from the race. The player will provide access to thousands of free channels that are fully packed with content from small screen shows to big screen hits.

Roku Streaming Device - Entertainment Buffs

Roku Streaming Device – Entertainment Buffs

The main benefit of using the Roku device is that the setup is much easier than any other streaming stick. Blockbuster hits and evergreen shows are available, all you have to do is, subscribe to the desired channel that you would love streaming. Totally, the Roku streaming device is the simple and versatile method to watch what you wish for.

Setting up the Roku Device on a Wireless Network via support

  • Get to know about the wireless network name (SSID) and password as they are vital in setting up the wireless network.
  • First of all, tap on the Wireless option and proceed with the following setup which will help you to hook up the device on a wireless network.
Setup Roku Using support

Setup Roku Using support

  • From the list of available network, pick your wireless network. If you couldn’t find your network name, just tap on the Scan again to see all network option. Enter the wireless credentials and tap on the Connect option which will hook up you on your home network and the internet.
  • Once you are connected on a wireless network, the most recent version of the software will download automatically and give some time for the Roku device to get restarted.

Activating a Roku Account

  • Roku account creation is very important to link your Roku device and manage the channel subscriptions. Here is the brief information on activating Roku account.
  • Once you complete the wireless network setup and software installation, you will find the Roku activation code displaying on your television.
  • Now, visit the Roku com link on any web browser from your computer or mobile device, to enter the Roku activation code. After entering, tap on the Submit button.
  • Check whether you finish the entire methods on the website otherwise your device activation will not be successful.
  • Creating a new Roku account will also require a payment method which will come handy while purchasing a subscription to your favorite channels. You can also buy television shows and films that you would love to watch from the Roku channel store.

Secure your Account

  • It is important to protect your account, particularly when adding the PayPal and credit card payment methods. Adding a PIN to your Roku com link account will definitely help in securing.
  • Activating your favorite channel on Roku
  • Activate the channel that you’d love to watch by following the directives mentioned below.
  • Tap on the Home button on Roku remote and scroll through the list to click Streaming channel
  • You will find trendy and eminent channels while exploring through the channel store. Type the name of your favorite channel on the Search Channel tab and you will find the channel in the search results.
  • Tap on the OK button to unveil more about the channel. The channel information such as synopsis, rating and some screenshots will be exclusively available.
  • If it is a free channel, you can just tap on the Add channel option or else you have to select the Buy option.  While making purchases, you will be asked to enter the Roku account PIN, if you have one.
  • You Roku account should be updated, if you find the payment information is out-of-date. Now you are ready to watch some of the awesome shows in Roku device, gear up!!!

Need Help?

Have any issues while activating the Roku account or struggling in setting up the device? You can just call our technical support team at +1-844-605-0330. Also, check out our website to know more about the Roku setup on support.