How to Activate HBO GO on Roku |

How to Activate HBO GO on Roku |

by Amy catherine January 02, 2019

Hbogo Com Activate on Roku

Launched sometime in 2010, HBO Go is available with a subscription to HBO. In Milwaukee and Green Bay, Time Warner Customers already got a glimpse of the service in 2008. With movies being rotated monthly, the channel would broadcast just about 400 hours of feature. Since 2010, the brand gained momentum and was expanded to be made available on Verizon FiOS, as well. Finally, other providers such as DirecTV, Suddenlink Communications, Dish Network, and in some states Charter Communications, began hosting HBO Go. Visit to activate HBO GO on your Roku Streaming Player.

HBO GO on Roku |

HBO GO on Roku

Streaming players

Roku streaming players were the first television-connected devices to support HBO Go in October 2011. It is only after this that the service was subsequently rolled out to PlayStation consoles, Apple TV, Smart TVs and others.

Steps to Activate HBO GO on Roku –

  • Begin appending the HBO GO channel from the channel store of the Roku to accomplish the Hbogo Com Activate on Roku
  • Switch on the Roku streaming device and with the remote click on the tab that says STREAMING CHANNELS
  • Then try finding HBO GO on ROKU from here and thereafter choose HBO GO channel on Roku -> ADD CHANNEL
  • On a browser go to to get the HBOGO CHANNEL ACTIVATION CODE
  • You must possess an account with a TV provider to accomplish HBO GO ACTIVATION ON ROKU
  • Once you have logged in, the screen is updated to stream HBO GO on Roku

Video content on HBO Go

HBO Go’s content includes a collection of films released through studios theatrically such as Universal Pictures or Twentieth Century Fox. Every month, a significant number of titles are removed and added but the HBO original series are constantly available. At the time of their initial broadcast, current series and new episodes are usually available on the linear HBO Channel in the Eastern Time Zone.

HBO Go is offered HBO GO Free Trial with a subscription to HBO.

Watching HBO GO without cable on Roku

On the Roku, it is very simple. To access HBO Go, add it through the player’s channel store or simply go to the Search function to find it. Then activate it by performing the on Roku to feature the icon on the MAIN screen of the player.

Other Bundles and Services on Roku

If you already possess the player and have any of the following packages, then you can still watch HBO Go on Roku because these skinny bundles host HBO within them.

Hulu With Live TV

You will find HBO in here for just $14.99 per month over and above the base package of $39.99. But the added advantage of Hulu With Live TV, is the availability of everything LIVE in one place. A free trial to the channel is available for one whole week. Check it out before you subscribe.

Sling TV

Finally, Sling TV was able to bring into its library and now, even offers it as an add-on to its base bundle at just $25 per month. Create customized bundles on Sling TV so that you pay only for what you prefer. At just $15 per month, you can add this small extra and enjoy a range of high-quality shows.

DirecTV Now

Another favorite with streamers, DirecTV Now divides its packages into tiers. Smaller tiers contain lesser number of channels and the larger ones accommodate more. Add HBO to any of these sizes, which also means, you can append it to the cheapest bundle at just $5 per month. The LIVE A LITTLE bundle comes at around $40 per month.

HBOGO Not Working

Generally, HBO GO is available on Roku’s Channel Store. All you have to do is, at the WELCOME screen, SIGN IN. While you remain on this screen, open a browser on the computer or mobile phone to enter HBO GO activation code. Both screens update themselves automatically. In the event that this process does not work, simply perform it again to generate a new code.

Alternatively, if you encounter the HBOGO Activate not working error, it is best to connect with our agents to resolve the issue. Call Roku support+1-844-605-0330

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