Lifetime TV Everywhere | | How To Activate Lifetime TV?

Lifetime TV Everywhere | | How To Activate Lifetime TV?

by Amy catherine March 06, 2019

Lifetime TV Everywhere – Whats New?

Lifetime is a subsidiary channel of A&E networks and moreover a peculiar one, a ‘TV Everywhere’ channel. The user will get Lifetime by participating in the cable or satellite TV service. This channel’s shows and programs are designed in a way to have the women protagonist. Consequently, the subscribers for this channel is rapidly increasing at a fast pace.

At present featured shows include Dance Moms, I killed my BFF, Cheerleader Nation, Bring It, escaping polygamy episodes and a lot more. As a result, by accessing the site, you can easily activate the Lifetime channel on Roku.

Famous shows under Lifetime channel

Here we provide some of the famous telecasting of Lifetime channel,

  • Little women: LA
  • Little Women: Atlanta
  • Project Runway series
  • The Rap game
  • American Beauty star
  • National Women’s soccer league
  • So sharp
  • Your favorite Lifetime movies
  • Abby’s ultimate dance compilation
  • Married at first sight

Furthermore, brand new complete episodes are updated every day on Lifetime including the behind scenes and other preview clips. Generally, this channel would be a consummate one for reality and drama lovers. Sign in to the Lifetime channel with your TV provider details and relish the enticing entertainment.

Participating TV providers for Lifetime channel

  • AT&T Uverse
  • DirecTV
  • DirecTV now
  • Cox
  • Hulu
  • Optimum
  • Verizon
  • Xfinity

Available platforms for Lifetime

  • Amazon fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Roku

Lifetime TV Activation Steps –

The primary requirements for Lifetime channel activation are Roku streaming player, TV service provider details, stable internet connection, mobile or computer device, Roku remote.

  • To begin with, login with your Roku account and connect the account to your streaming player
  • Next, scroll through the options on Roku home menu and enter the Roku channel store for any channel search
  • Channel categories are also available in the store, so that you can directly select the channel under your peculiar category
  • For Lifetime channel, enter the channel name in the search bar and look for the results
  • Once selecting the channel, you will be navigated to the Lifetime channel home menu
  • Subsequently, tap the ‘add channel’ option adjacent to the Lifetime channel logo
  • This channel is a free one, and you don’t need to enter the payment transaction procedure
  • After a few seconds, you will receive the mylifetime authorize code for Roku
  • In the meantime, from your mobile or computer device, access the
  • Select your device choice in the first step, for instance, ‘Roku’
  • Then, choose your TV provider in the available list or choose your provider name in the drop down from ‘more providers’ option
  • Finally, enter your mylifetime authorize enter code for Roku in the third step field and click the continue button

Besides, if you have any questions about activation steps on, talk to our technicians by calling the toll-free number at +1-844-605-0330.

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