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by Evan Luke July 11, 2018

Activate PBS Kids on Roku

Roku users have a wide choice of streaming channels and it is always difficult to choose the correct one for your kids. A channel for kids must be useful, informative and educative without having abusive language or age-inappropriate content. The PBS kids channel on the Roku store is one fine example of all the above-mentioned attributes. And moreover, you can add and activate Roku channel without making any payments. For further more information on the channel and how you can Activate PBS on Roku, call us at our toll-free number +1-844-308-7200. Roku - activate PBS kids on Roku Roku – activate PBS kids on Roku

Devices that are Compatible

The PBS Kids channel is compatible with each and every Roku model starting from the Roku Express till Roku Ultra and also the Roku Streaming Stick and Smart TVs. And also remember that the activation of the channel will have very similar steps irrespective of the device that you use to stream. Activate PBS on Roku the same using the Roku.

Most of the channels on the Roku offer a trial period when it is a paid channel. But the PBS Kids channel does not offer such features as you can easily remove it at any point in time. You can perform this removal even without turning on the Roku; simply log in to your Roku account on your mobile app and remove the Roku PBS Kids channel.

Popular PBS Kids Shows

PBS Kids have a wide choice of programs such as,

  • Arthur
  • Odd Squad
  • Wild Kratts
  • The Electric company
  • Curious George
  • Splash and Bubbles
  • Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
  • Super Why
  • Cyberchase

Six Simple Steps To Activate PBS Kids on Roku?

Like we mentioned earlier, adding and deleting channels on your Roku is simple clockwork and does not require much effort.

  • First, on your Roku home screen go to the Streaming channels option
  • Then, add the PBS KIDS Video channel after you perform a successful search for the same
  • The most watched or the TV and MOVIES section will both contain this channel
  • Provide your Roku account personal identification number once you locate and add the channel to perform Roku
  • In case you made a setting, you will not at all be requested for your PIN
  • The payment info page will not appear during this Activation of PBS on Roku channel process, as it is free of cost for all Roku users

How To Remove the PBS Kids Channel?

Users may want to remove a certain Roku channel due to varying personal reasons. Here are the steps that help you achieve this channel removal easily.

  • First, on your Roku home screen go to the MY CHANNELS option either from your smartphone or directly from your Roku
  • Search for the PBS Kids activate and then highlight it using the appropriate remote keys
  • Look for options that are available for the channel and finally choose the REMOVE CHANNEL selection
  • Confirm your choice and reboot the device for the changes (channel removal) to reflect

PBS Kids App

To stream the channel from your mobile device download the PBS kids app from the app store. Check the compatibility before the download. If there is any error, there are a lot of troubleshooting tips available on our website.

If you need additional support for Roku, Contact our Roku support number.

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