To Resolve Roku Activation Code Errors

Roku Activation Code Errors

The Roku activation process involves a few steps and there are possibilities that you may get stuck at one of these steps. However, Roku has a method of communicating to its users as to where an error actually occurred. This communication happens through what is commonly known as error codes.  Each error code has a specific meaning and therefore it is easy to troubleshoot them accordingly. In our article, we will explain about common error codes that can occur during the activation process. To know more about Roku activation code errors you can also call our Roku tech support experts at website’s toll-free number +1-844-605-0330.


Roku Activation Code Errors

Roku Activation Code Errors

Error Code 001

This one denotes an issue pertaining to the activation process with your streaming device from Roku. Sometimes the device will not activate even when you enter the correct code. In such circumstances, you have to troubleshoot the issue first. The error code is also referred to as activation error code 001 by a few others. The following are the remedies that you can follow in order to overcome the activation error code.

The Corresponding Fix

You can follow a few precautions that can prevent the recurrence of such activation issues which involves the activation link code.

  • Note down the Roku link code carefully
  • It is case sensitive
  • Validity of the code is only a few minutes
  • Ensure availability of an uninterrupted internet connection
  • You can always generate a new code
  • When noting down a code, also note down the time when it was generated
  • Check the network connections
  • Verify LAN connections for wired set up
  • Check Wi-Fi settings for wireless set up
  • Access the router for the same
  • Contact ISP for resolving issues
  • Check with Roku for server issues

Server Side Issue

When you know that it is a server side issue you can follow the below given steps to rectify it.

  • Make use of the DNS server
  • Obtain the website’s IP address
  • Open an IP socket
  • Use a HTTP data stream for communication
  • Reconnect to the server using the same IP

Error Code 003

This denotes a software update failure which can sometimes lead to an activation code area. As your Roku will automatically display the error code you do not have to go looking for the actual root cause.  Just troubleshoot the error code to find a solution for your activation issue.

  • Check your network Router’s connections
  • Ethernet in case of wired and Wi Fi in case of wireless
  • In case of a DSL connection, check the modem
  • Check for service provider outage or Roku outage
  • With lesser interactions perform the update during night

Error Code 005

Server issues are commonly denoted by this error code which can be taken care of by following the below-given fix. But before that, we will have a look at the possible causes first;

  • It can be a server issue
  • Sometimes a network issue
  • Connection error
  • Router issue

To fix this error code, you can carefully analyze each of these causes or call our Roku tech support number for best assistance.

Error Code 009

This occurs commonly among Roku devices when it is unable to establish an internet connection. In which case, you can check out the following steps as a remedy.

  • Restart the Roku device
  • Re-establish a connection with your network
  • Perform a system update
  • Contact your ISP for network interruptions

If you are able to connect other devices to the same network, then it is Roku based issue for which you can seek our help.