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Roku.com/link Account | Activate Your Roku Device

A lot of streaming device models are available on Roku with outstanding features and specifications. To setup your Roku streaming device, a Roku account is a must. Create a Roku account, activate your Roku streaming player using Roku.com/link code and get yourself ready to stream and watch the programs that you like.

How To Link My Roku Account?

The Roku account will help you to link or activate the Roku streaming device and add your favorite Roku channels for streaming with Roku link code. It is easy to create a Roku account and all you need to do is to go to the my.roku.com/link page and then complete the required details. Tap on the submit tab to complete Roku com link.

How to activate Roku device using Roku.com/link code?

  • To start with, tap on the page Roku.com/link using a new browser
  • As the page opens just enter the Roku activation code which you have noted down from Roku.com/link page.
  • Wait and the streaming device will be automatically linked to your Roku link account
  • Start Activating your Roku device by following the Setup Roku Process to complete the Roku Activation.

Roku com link account | Roku.com/link

Instructions to Setup Roku

Read the setup Roku instructions below and it will be easy to activate the Roku.com/link

  • Turn it on your Roku device and then connect all the necessary cables (Power and HDMI cables).
  • As you switch on a Roku logo will be visible
  • Use the power cable to power up the Roku com link device and HDMI cable to connect the device to the TV
  • Now choose a network connection, wait until the device automatically downloads the software and proceed with the onscreen guide.

How to Setup Roku Streaming Players?

There are a lot of top models available for Roku and include Roku streaming stick, Roku Express Plus and Roku Ultra. Check out the features and the activation steps before you buy it.

Roku Stick Setup

Roku Stick Setup

To Setup your Roku Streaming Stick (go.roku.com/rss)

Roku streaming stick is one of the top Roku streaming device models and to activate go.roku.com/rss  below are the setup steps to be done

  • To start with the Setup Roku there are few Roku activation steps to be done.
  • Connect all the cables in the required slot and make the required display and language settings.
  • Start connecting the device to the wireless network by tapping on the go.roku.com/wireless tab
  • If you have a Roku account login with the credentials (username and password) and if you do not have one just read the Roku.com/link create account steps for account creation

RokuExpressplus and Roku Ultra are the other models that stand ahead in the market today. Each model has unique features and the setup steps almost remain the same. Check out the top features of these models below and you can easily decide which model you need to buy

Roku Express Plus

Set up the streaming device and you can access a lot of streaming apps that include Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and a lot more. Top features of the device include compatible HDMI ports to connect the HDMI cables, composite video outputs, Wi-Fi connectivity options and a lot more.

Roku Ultra

Roku ultra is well known for the top features and offers access to the 4K and HDR contents, Optical audio output, better search options, Dolby vision HDR support, Headphone Jack to listen to your favorite tunes and wired network connectivity options. Check out the reviews and you will get an idea about the top features and specifications

Stream and Watch your Favorite Roku Channels

You can now start exploring the world of streaming by activating the top and popular Roku channels such as PBS Kids, Nat Geo, Pandora, Nick and a lot more. For activating these Roku channels you must start identifying the type of the channel first. Free channels can be directly added from the store using the Add channel option. In case if it is a pay channel just pay the respective subscription charges.

Top Roku Channels to Watch

Top Roku Channels

Top Roku Channels

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Pandora
  • DirecTV Now
  • HBO GO
  • Tubi TV
  • Hulu
  • DirecTV Now

Tips to Overcome Roku.com/link Issues

Roku.com/link issues or errors often popup if you setup and activate your Roku streaming device or while streaming the top channels. In case if you are stuck with errors make use of the tips below

  • Check the Roku account that you use and make sure that it is valid
  • Verify the network connection (go.roku.com/connectivity) speed and we suggest you use the latest router model
  • Restart your Roku streaming device and check if the errors remains

Identify the type of error and use the above steps to resolve the Roku.com/link errors. To get more assistance for Roku device activation and troubleshooting just speak to our executives by ringing the Roku support number +1-844-605-0330.