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Roku Help Guide

Roku is a streaming device which is activated using an internet connection, Roku activation code and an account. Users tend to make mistakes while completing one of these three processes. In this article, we will look at how this can be overcome with the assistance of our Roku help guide.

Places You Go Wrong in Roku Device

While Creating the Roku Account on

Some users may find it difficult to create a Roku account on their own as there are three different online forms for this process. If you are one of them, then here’s how you can do it without any hurdles.

  • Collect all the information you need before sitting down to create the Roku account
  • For instance, you need your email address, billing address and your credit card for the process.
  • On the first form, enter personal details and on the second, enter your Roku PIN related info.
  • If these two steps are successful, then the last form is cakewalk as it requires only your card info.
  • When you submit these details, your account is created automatically and to verify, navigate to the login page at

This account is necessary for your Roku express plus, Roku Ultra and all other players including the Roku Streaming Stick. If you fail to create one, contact Roku support phone number for help.

While Connecting Your Roku To the Internet

During the initial setup process, all Roku devices must be connected to an internet source via the network switch or router. And while doing so, these devices can face errors if the connection is not steadfast. Therefore, check out these points when you are setting up the Roku to the network.

  • Check if the router is on and receiving input signals from the service provider
  • For first-time setup, it is always better to have the Roku and the router in the same room
  • Also, ensure that the signals are not hindered by other object or devices
  • When you do not have a good quality internet, you will definitely face Roku errors through codes
  • If that is the case, then try connecting to another network or check with your ISP support can be availed when you are unable to troubleshoot such network issues. We also have a Roku live chat for getting quick updates on Roku error codes.

While activating the Roku device with Roku Activation Code

The most common problem that almost every Roku user faces is the activation issue. It is a simple and straightforward process, provided you perform all steps perfectly. However, here are things that you can make mistakes on during activation.

  • Copying down the Roku activation code correctly and legibly makes it easier for you to transfer the code to the screen
  • Moreover, these Roku activation codes are generally valid only for a certain period of time within which you must definitely complete the Roku activation
  • You can regenerate the activation codes in case you miss out on the current one.

Learn how to get a new code by contacting our support team at the toll-free Roku phone number at +1-844-605-0330. We also handle every other query with respect to Roku devices, their channels and other related devices such as wireless speakers. Visit our website and explore different troubleshooting and support documents with Roku help guide you through any Roku related process.