Some Quick Tips To Link Your Roku Device using Roku Link Code

How To Link Roku To Your Account/TV Using Roku Link Code

Roku provides a seamless access to a plethora of entertainment channels through its varied form of services be it Roku TV or Roku Premiere. To link your Roku to TV, you will require an active Roku account. Follow through the simple steps for Roku Link Code which is  listed below.

  • Plug in the device.
  • Click OK to proceed.
  • Connect to your wireless network available at home.
  • When setting up for the first time, you will have to set country, region, preferred language etc..
  • Once the Roku connects to your internet, it will ask to update it. Thereafter, it will reboot after the update finishes.
  • After it reboots, an image will appear on the screen showing a 4-digit activation code. Like “QKEC”.

Now you have to enter the code in the official website, just follow the steps mentioned here.

  • Navigate to this link web address on your laptop or computer.
  • Sign in to the account and click “Link a device” button on your main account page.
  • Enter your Roku code link and click the “submit” icon.
  • Fill up the payment information or you can skip it as well and add it later.
  • Choose the channels that you wish to add to your Roku. You must select minimum one channel.
  • To complete the linking process, please click the “continue” icon.
  • Your Roku code link setup is now successful. Find the Roku’s serial number s under the My Linked devices section.

How To Find My Roku Link Code

Roku link code is just an activation code that appears on your screen during the initial set up process.

  • Use the compatible cables and connect your device to TV
  • Go to the device screen
  • Your player will restart multiple times.
  • It is during that time you will see an activation code appearing on the screen.

Find Roku Link Code

Troubleshooting Tips for Roku Link Code Issues

My Roku Code Link Is Not Working

There are few possibilities for Roku code link to not work. One of them can be a typing error, so you can try to enter the code for the second time and see if it works. Due to a temporary network or system issue, the code may not work for the first time.

Additionally, if the issue still persists try these quick steps below.

  • Press the “*” button on your Roku remote and choose “Get a new code”.
  • Go back to and enter the new code.

Roku Code Link Is Not Working

Roku Device Froze

My Roku Device Froze On The Link Code Screen

There might be instances where the activation process takes a while to fully complete. You can try some of these steps below if the screen freezes on link code.

  • Ensure you complete all the steps on the website before navigating back to your Roku device.
  • Try connecting to your internet network again and then redo the steps from scratch.

My Roku Code Link Is Not Displayed on TV

  • To get a Roku code link you must ensure that your internet is up and running.
  • Your device must be connected to good speed network.
  • Check the wired cable if you are using Ethernet.
  • Your Roku account must be active.
  • Try pressing the “*” on your Roku remote to regenerate the Roku link.
  • Key in the code again in the “Enter your link” space.

Roku Code Link Is Not Displayed on TV

How To Search and Enter Roku Code Link

Search Roku Code Link

When you first set up your Roku device, you will see the code on your TV while following the instructions to set up. The assumption is that you already have an existing Roku account setup, if not, in that case, you will need to create a new account. There is no charge to create a Roku account, it is absolutely free. Roku link code is a 4 digit alpha character code that is seen on your TV. It will look something like this “KTGH”.

How To Enter Roku Code Link

  • Open the link – on your laptop or home computer.
  • The message will be seen as “Please enter the link code displayed on your TV”.
  • In the text space LINK CODE, enter 4 digit alpha character code that you see on your television and press the “Submit” button.

For detailed information about Roku link code, reach out our Roku support experts through the toll-free number +1-844-605-0330.